Bob K. Political Positions

In 1998 I ran for Governor of New Hampshire on the Republican Primary Ballot.

I was winner the day I made the decision to run because on that day I stopped being a political complainer and became a political doer.

Where I once was ignorant of political issues and processes, I now am far more knowledgeable and ready to participate in our NH political system to create the government, laws and policies that will help all of us enjoy our freedoms, our families, our businesses, our leisuretimes, and our lives.

Now, in 2002, I am again running for Governor of New Hampshire on the Republican Primary Ballot.

Campaign Theme: To Help People Help Themselves



Bob K. Political Priorities

1. The People of New Hampshire.

2. The NH GOP/Republican Party.

3. My Family and Me.

Statement of Political Purpose

I want to be the Governor of New Hampshire because —

I love the State of New Hampshire, but mostly I love  the people of New Hampshire, and I want to provide them with the leadership they need which will ensure that they will have the state government which will help them achieve their personal and community goals and have better, happier lives.

I favor these political ideals:

New Hampshire is where I want to live. I want to share her rich resources with her people as long as I am able.

Republicans favor helping people who truly need help but oppose excessive welfare and other benefits that serve to create a political power base which shall only increase in size and benefits to a few until the citizens shall despair of the excessive tax burden and revolt against the oppression that surely comes from government excess.

Because Republicans favor helping those who truly need help, and because Democrats favor helping those who truly need help, Republicans and Democrats can find the political compromise and the common ground of bipartisan cooperation on political issues that provide help for those who truly need help. This is true nationally as well as here in New Hampshire.

If I am elected Governor of the State of New Hampshire I shall place above my desk a sign that shall read “How shall what you ask of me benefit the people of New Hampshire?” and I shall pledge that I will ensure that what I do with what people ask of me shall benefit all the people of New Hampshire first and foremost before any individuals.