Manchester Union Leader
August 28, 2002
Page A13


Kroepel will make NH a better place for all

To the Editors: This primary season we have seen the front-running Republican gubernatorial candidates battle over the television airwaves using attack ads as their primary source of campaigning. I canít imagine how many times I've heard about how Craig Benson discriminated or didnít discriminate when he was head of Cabletron! This type of negative advertising, which doesnít even attempt to inform the people of New Hampshire what the candidate will do to help the state, really turned me off to even considering the Republican Party for governor in 2002.

That was until I found out about Robert Howard Kroepel. One of five [actually, six] Republican candidates for governor, Kroepel has by far the best ideas to help each and every person in the state of New Hampshire. His campaign is not fueled by large amounts of money and he doesnít run attack ads, which is why I hadnít even heard of him until very recently.

Kroepel is a moderate Republican whose ideas are very centrist, which makes him the best candidate for the state of New Hampshire as a whole. Whereas other candidates only like to discuss a few major issues, Kroepelís website gives his views on everything from citizen petition initiatives to school prayer to why he is a moderate Republican. I strongly urge everyone to visit his website at and read his great, common-sense ideas on how to make New Hampshire a better place for everyone.

Bob Kroepel is an honest man who will always put the people of New Hampshire first. What more could you ask for from your governor?

Dan Mason
Deerfield, NH 03037