Qualifications for Public Office

BA Psychology: Washington University (St. Louis), 1965.

Social worker in a mental hospital: St. Louis State Hospital.

Associate Professor: Laconia Vocational-Technical College—Taught management courses, wrote one of the textbooks used in class, Practical Psychology for Management.

Manager of a music store: The Keyboard Center, Dover, NH, Owner: Richard Delaney.

Music teacher: Private lessons for piano, organ, voice, and music theory.

Bookwriter: Management books, music instruction books which are sold all over the world (one of which, Deluxe Encyclopedia of Piano Chords, is the equivalent in music instruction books of a hit record).

Being married to a teacher: Janice, Mrs. K., is an elementary school teacher for the Laconia School District.

Substitute teacher in NH schools.

Learned (A) Teachers are idealistic, want to teach, love to teach, and want to be effective and successful teachers; (B) Teachers do not want to negotiate individual contracts and therefore need teachers’ unions to represent them and, therefore, NH teachers’ unions can benefit the people of NH when they negotiate teachers’ contracts and ensure that NH teachers’ salaries, benefits and working conditions are comparable and therefore competitive with the teachers’ salaries, benefits and working conditions of neighboring states and thereby reduce the possibility that NH teachers will leave NH for the wrong reasons (noncompetitive salaries, benefits and working conditions); (C) Discipline is the #1 problem for most school systems, and that a policy of suspension without makeup privileges is one of the most effective discipline policies because few students want to flunk an entire school year and have to be held back to make up that school year, therefore they will quickly learn to accept and obey the rules of the school district; (D) NH students and teachers and administrators need emotional skills courses to improve their awareness of their own emotions and the emotions of other people and therefore to interact emotionally with themselves and other people.

Developer of Operational Psychology, a theory of psychology, which is a cognitive psychology—a psychology dealing with thought patterns, which was designed (1) to provide operational definitions of important psychological terms including (A) mind, which is the individual’s personal system of desires, fears and priorities and the cause of the individual’s actions and reactions, (B) feelings, which are reactions to realizations of desires, fears and priorities, including (B1) sensations  and (B2) emotions, (C) behavior, which is the individual’s actions and reactions caused by his desires, fears and priorities, (D) personality, which is the individual’s mind-in-operation as revealed by his actions and reactions which are his behavior, (E) mental problems, which are unrealistic (unachievable and/or inappropriate) desires, fears and priorities, and (F) mental health, which is caused by realistic desires, fears and priorities, (2) to help people understand psychology, which is traditionally defined as the science of the mind and behavior, and (3) to help people (3A) to deal effectively with their mental problems, (3B) to deal effectively with other people, and (3C) to learn and apply effectively techniques for decision-making and problem-solving.

NOTE: An operational definition is a definition of a term by the description of the observation and measurement of people, things (objects) and events (relationships between or among people or things/objects).

Children often create operationally definitions when they create sentences with a structure thus: _______ [term being defined operationally] is when __________ [description of the observation of people {of their actions and reactions—their behavior caused by their personal desires, fears and priorities}, things, and events].

Example: Love [term being defined operationally] is when someone says they like you and they do good things for you and with you [description of a person whose actions are observed and inferred to be the actions of a person motivated by love, by a desire to love another person].

Example: Hate is when someone says they don’t like you and they do bad things to you, like call you names, or hit you.

Owner, Lakeside Studios, a teaching studio and a desktop publishing company publishing music instruction books and philosophy and psychology books, and offering seminars on self-help, self-improvement, problem-solving and decision-making, Operational Psychology.

Developer of Operational Physics, including The Theory of Invariable Time-Intervals, a theory which operationally defines time as the measurement of the occurrences of events in sequences of events by the use of time-intervals as units of time and therefore as units of time-measurement, and which describes the fact that where Dr. Albert Einstein used variable time-intervals as found in mechanical clocks which are subject to changes of velocity and gravity which affect their rates of functioning, rates of operation, with increases or decreases in their inertial mass due to increases or decreases in velocity and gravity and to negate the independence of space and time and create the concept of spacetime and the theory of relativity, invariable time-intervals as found in clocks which either are velocity/gravity sensing and self-adjusting or otherwise are synchronized by radio signals re-establish the independence of space and time, negates the concept of spacetime, and creates the understanding of the temporal reality and temporal infinity—the arrow of time and thus the flow of time from the past through the present to the future and the understanding of the now as the present, current configuration of matter and energy, the infinity of the duration of matter and energy—the physical reality, and the infinity of the vastness and duration of space—the spatial reality, with the universe being defined as the combination of three realities and their related infinities: (1) the spatial reality—space; (2) the temporal reality—time; and (3) the physical reality—the things and events comprised of matter and energy, and the universe being specified as one-and-only, singular, unique, specific, meaning there can be no possible parallel or multiple universes.

Professional musician/entertainer: Piano, organ, jazz and dance bands, comedy.

Member of Mensa, the Hi-IQ Society.


Chairman, Taxpayer’s Committee, the Merrymeeting Lake Association.

Member, the New Durham Concerned Taxpayer’s Association.

Political Candidate: 1998 NH GOP Gubernatorial Primary Election; 2000 NH GOP State Representative Primary Election; 2001 New Durham Selectman.