School Prayer

King James Version: The Bible: St. Matthew 6:5-6. By their own Bible, Christians should not pray in public, hence, logically, there should be no public prayer by Christians in schools, at sporting events, graduations, before legislative sessions, etc.

In clear English: No school prayer.

Students participating in a forum broadcast by LRPATV (Lakes Region Public Access Television) indicated that they did not want school prayer. They gave as their reason the problem of determining whose god should be prayed to.

And then there is the problem of allowing Satanists to worship Satan by means of Satanic prayers. Most likely not a good idea under any circumstances, yet Satanic worship is nevertheless a form of religion.

Public schools should focus upon providing an education, not religion.

Religion should be practiced at home and/or in any location not in conflict with the publicís right to be free from religion.

Freedom of religion should also mean freedom fromreligion.