The World's Longest Humorous Political Slogan/Bumper Sticker

For the New Hampshire 2002 political season, we have the following gubernatorial candidates:

Libertarian for Governor: John Babiarz [Baa-bee-ars]

Democrats for Governor:

Mark Fernald
Bev Hollingworth

Republicans for Governor:

Craig Benson
Joe Haas
Gordon Humphrey
Bruce Keough [KEE-O]
Bob Kingsbury
Bob Kroepel [CRAY-Pull]

My official campaign slogan is thus: To Help People Help Themselves

My unofficial campaign slogan is the world's longest humorous political slogan/bumper sticker:

Because in November we want to make sure there no cigars for Babiarz, we burn old Fernald and we get our jollies worth beating Bev Hollingworth, in September vote for Bob Kroepel, the New Hampshire staple, for the prevention of Benson, to kick Haas, to dump the Hump, to bury Kingsbury, and to Peough Keough!

'Hope you catch the humor herein!

No offense intended to anyone involved, but that's the way it goes when you're having fun!