Pro Gun: Pro Second Amendment

The American Founding Fathers in private correspondence stated that the word militia means all people over the age of 18.

This means that all Americans over the age of 18 have the right to own a gun.

They should have the right to carry concealed a gun within the State of New Hampshire provided that they are not felons nor mentally incompetent.

I have an NH conceal carry permit.

I own a gun for personal defense, and the defense of others, as well as all other legal purposes.

In every crime there are at least two people: The Victim and The Criminal.

A victim is a person who except for self-defense against criminal attack would not choose to injure another person but who is attacked by a criminal.

A criminal is a person who chooses to injure a victim.

There could be Witnesses; and there could be A Rescuer.

A witness is a person who observes a criminal's attack upon a victim but who, for any reason good or bad, does not attempt to prevent or otherwise stop the crminal's attack.

A rescuer is a person who attempts to prevent or otherwise stop a criminals' attack upon a victim. Rescuers often put themselves between victims and criminals and thereby qualify to be Heroes. (Military people are heroes who put themselves between the people of the nation they serve and other people who intend to conquer militarily, politically  and economically the people the military people serve.)

I have used a gun twice to stand between criminals and victims when asked by the victims for help.

It's no fun being a rescuer.

But at times it is necessary.

Therefore, guns should be available to citizens for self-defense as well as all other lawful purposes.

Trigger locks and any other devices intended to prevent misuse of personal firearms shall not be required to be used if there is any chance they would hinder the attempt of the gunowner to defend himself and/or other people (victims) from criminal attack.

Those who, no matter their age, misuse guns to provoke criminal attacks upon innocent victims shall be labeled criminals and shall bear the responsbility for their actions, no exceptions.