Human Sacrifice in the Christian Bible

Is human sacrifice sanctioned in the Christian Bible?

Old Testament Human Sacrifice by Humans

Abraham was commanded by Yahwe/God/The Lord to sacrifice his son, Isaac.

Abraham made preparations, and was about to kill Isaac with a knife, but Yahwe/God/The Lord either changed his mind or otherwise announced that this was a test of Abraham's faith/belief in Yahwe/God/The Lord. A ram was found with its horns caught in a bush and sacrificed instead. (Genesis 22)

Jeptaph takes the Lord's name in vain by swearing that if Yahwe/God/The Lord will let him/help him in a battle then he will sacrifice whatever comes out of his house to greet him after the battle. The first thing to greet him is his daughter, who comes out of his house "with timbrels and with dances." Jeptaph fulfills his promise and kills his daughter. (Judges 11:30-39) [1]

Saul had made a promise to the Gibeonites that he would not make war on them but broke his promise by making war on them. The Gibeonites then put a curse on Israel. [Why should Yahwe/God/The Lord care if the Gibeonites, who were nonIsraelites, had put a curse on Israel? If Yahwe/God/The Lord entitled to change his mind, as in the story in Genesis 22 of Abraham's intent to sacrifice Isaac under the command Yahwe/God/The Lord, why could not Yahwe/God/The Lord change his mind about or otherwise ignore the curse of the Gibeonites?] When David was King of Israel he inquired of Y/G/TL why the famine and was informed that he/she/it, Y/G/TL, had caused the plague because of the curse of the Gibeonites for the war made upon them by Saul when Saul had broken his promise. [Why should Y/G/TL honor a curse brought by nonIsraelites?] David asks the Gibeonites how this curse can be lifted and they demand the sacrifice of seven of the sons of Saul. David selects and hands over to the Gibeonites seven of Saul's sons (descended, so it were, from several different women), the Gibeonites sacrifice them by hanging them [NOTE: the term 'hanging' might mean crucifixion, for one of the forms of execution was crucifixion, but another was execution by unnamed methods and then hanging the executed on trees to show them as a public example], and the curse is lifted, and the famine ends, and all is well, except for one of the mothers of two of the sacrificed sons. (2 Samuel 21) [1]

And does not Y/G/TL demand sacrifice in the following command?

Exodus 22:29: Thou shalt not delay to offer the first of thy ripe fruits, and of thy liquors: the firstborn of thy sons shalt thou give unto me. [2]

New Testament Human Sacrifice by Yahwe/God/The Lord

Is not the crucifixion of Jesus as reported in the Gospels of Mark/Matthew/Luke/John a sacrifice required by Yahwe/God/The Lord of himself/herself/itself in the person of himself/herself/itself/His Son Jesus by the Christian concept of the Trinity of God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Ghost for the salvation of mankind?

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