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Robert Howard Kroepel

Copyright © 2003

Lakeside Studios

New Durham, New Hampshire USA

Bob Kroepel
20 South Shore Road
New Durham, New Hampshire, USA 03855-2107
Home: 603-859-7873
Cell: 603-767-6021

Vocation: Professional musician since 1966.

High-Level Testimony: " 'Really enjoyed your music, ... You really do a great job!" George Herbert Walker Bush, 41st President of the United States

Instruments: Piano, organ, trumpet, trombone, voice.

Formats: Solo organ, solo piano, solo piano plus pedalbass, solo piano plus pedalbass plus voice, piano plus pedalbass plus voice plus trumpet, duo: piano plus pedalbass, with a drummer; trio: piano plus pedalbass, with a saxophonist or guitarist and a drummer, general business bands [GB bands], rock bands, jazz bands.

Venues: Restaurants, nightclubs, pubs, weddings, special occasions.

Styles: Ballroom Dance Styles/Broadway Show Styles, including Waltzes, Fox Trots, Two-Steps, Polkas; Latin, including Beguines, Rhumbas, Mambos, Congas, Cha-Chas, Sambas, Merengues, Argentine/Fast Tangos, Spanish/Habanerra/Slow Tangos, Paso Dobles; Bossa Novas; Big Band Styles, including Swing, Jitterbug, Ballads; Rock Styles; Rhythm & Blues Styles; Country Styles; Jazz Styles, including Dixieland, Swing, Rock, Rhythm & Blues, Latin [Bossa Nova], 3/4 Metre Jazz Waltz, 5/4 Metre Swing.

Types of Music: Standards, Jazz, Singalongs, Concert [the audience is listening and watching], Easy-Listening [the audience is talking among themselves] Dance [the audience is meeting socially, dancing].

Vocation: Music Instructor: Keyboards, Voice, Music Theory, Lakeside Studios, New Durham, NH (603-859-7873).

Vocation: Professional writer of music instruction books for the Mel Bay Publishing Company of Pacific, Missouri [Deluxe Encyclopedia of Piano Chords is one of Mel Bay's best selling books, one of the top-selling books in the music industry].

Business: Owner, Lakeside Studios, Desktop Publishing Company: Music instruction books for organists, pianists, keyboardists, vocalists, and music theorists.

Education: BA Psychology, Washington University (St. Louis) [18 credits music theory and performance], 1965

Social: Member of the Sigma Chi Fraternity

Intellect: Member of Mensa, the Hi-IQ Society.