The Bible Is Not A Reliable Source Of Info Inre God (Yahweh) Or The Gods (Elohim).

Bob Kroepel
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The Bible is not a reliable source of information inre God (Yahweh) or the gods (Elohim) because …

1. the Bible contains contradictions (two or more stories, called doublets, that are supposedly inre the same people, objects and/or events but which contain conflicting information inre those supposedly same people, objects and/or events);

2. the Bible contains historical inaccuracies;

3. the Bible contains scientific inaccuracies;

4. the Bible contains parallels (mythological people, objects and events who/which are similar if not identical to mythological people, objects and events found in other myths/religions);

5. the Bible contains (prophecies that either 1. are false because they did not occur or 2. were not relevant to the people to whom or inre whom the prophecies were made) …

… that humans have a right to expect would not appear in a 'holy book' and translations thereof that supposedly was (were) either written or inspired or supervised by God or the gods that disqualifies the Bible as a reliable source of information inre God/the gods.

1. Biblical Contradictions

Google: biblical contradictions:

2. Biblical Historical Inaccuracies

Google: biblical historical inaccuracies

3. Biblical Scientific Inaccuracies

Google: biblical scientific inaccuracies

4. Biblical Parallels

Google: biblical parallels

See especially …

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5. Biblical Fictions

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