Logical Fallacy: Belief in X = Knowledge of X

Robert Howard Kroepel

Copyright © 2003

New Durham, New Hampshire, USA

Logical Fallacy: Belief in _____ (?) = Knowledge of _____ (?)

Fact: Belief n= Knowledge when no proof as physical evidence, reliable eyewitness reports of physical evidence, or logical arguments [whose premises must be supported by physical evidence or/and reliable eyewitness reports of physical evidence], etc., is available.

Therefore, Belief in X n= Knowledge of X.

NOTE: n= means not equal to and is used in recognition of the fact that not all fonts used in computers recognize and permit the utilization of the 'not equal to' symbol.

Corollary: Belief in the Existence of X n= Knowledge of the Existence of X.

No knowledge of gods = justification for excluding gods from consideration of the concepts/principles/techniques [for using the concepts/principles] which result in public law and policy.